For All You “Bachelor” Fans Out There…

I was torn about putting up these photos, because if I did, that would somehow implicitly suggest that Vienna Girardi (of “Bachelor” fame) is something of a celebrity worthy of attention. Let me make this clear: Vienna is neither a celebrity nor is she worthy of attention.  The reason for this post is because YOU PEOPLE keep googling her!  Why do you people really care about this horse????  Please someone enlighten me!  In any case, I’m sure you Vienna fans have heard that she has recently had her big ass schnoz sized down.  Post-rhinoplasty photos of her should be popping up on the Internet any day now, but for now, how about some photos of her with no makeup on?  That should serve to remind us just how unremarkable she really is (I’m being nice here).


Maybe she should invest in a few other procedures in addition to the nose job.

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  • San Diego Plastic Surgeon says:

    I saw some of her post-rhinoplasty pictures. It looks okay. She looks better with make-up on though.

  • Amanda Green says:

    I came across your blog because I like seeing well done plastic surgery, as in the sense that a good nose job can do wonders for a face (think Ashley Simpson or Blake Lively). But I do not like the way you have such an angry and attacking tone. Calling this woman a horse? Really? I think people should be nice to other people, and women should be nice to other women. I noticed that you don’t have any pictures of yourself here. Maybe its because there are things that you don’t like about yourself.

    But, that is just it. We all have things that we do not like about our faces and bodies. That is why we can choose to wear makeup or workout. Makeup when worn in the proper way can bring a woman’s natural beauty to the forefront. Or, we can choose to have a surgery. Sure, some people in the public eye go over board (like Heidi) but obviously they have other issues.

    You know, some people complain about celebrities being too thin or having unattainable beauty (and again there are some that ARE too thin and have had too much work) but how about highlight the fact that they are HEALTHY. They eat right, they workout, they take care of their teeth, hair, nails, ect. Maybe some get surgery now, later or never. There is a reason why they are looked at as beautiful people. And, don’t tell me that they look that way because they have lots of money. There are great makeup products that you can purchase on a budget, and it costs $0 to go for a run or a walk, and it costs $0 NOT to eat things that are bad to eat.

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