Winona Ryder Looks Like an Old Hag

What happened to actress Winona Ryder? She used to be so beautiful…well, maybe I’m being generous…but, she was definitely cute/pretty back in the day.  Now, she looks like she’s 80 years old.  Seriously, she looks like a shriveled up old hag who belongs in a nursing home.  Actually, I think I saw her there when I went to visit my grandma.  They were playing bridge, and Winona was bragging about when “back in the day” she used to be all that and dated hot rock stars and movie stars.  Then she got all lamentful…she said it was all downhill after she got arrested for shoplifting.  Now the only man she can get is Hubert, the nursing home bus driver who has grey nose hairs sticking out of his nostrils and whose butt crack shows everytime he bends over to unlock a resident’s wheel chair.

It was sad, I tell you.  Sad.

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