Scarlett Johansson’s Two-Tone Teeth

scarlett johansson's teeth smile
I was looking at some high-resolution pictures of Scarlett Johansson recently, and I noticed something funky about her teeth.  Her 6 front teeth (canine to canine) on her upper arch are a completely different shade from her other teeth.  Oddly, Scarlett’s front 6 teeth are considerably darker than her back teeth.  Naturally, teeth are darker the further back you go in your arch.  It seems to be completely opposite with Scarlett’s teeth.  It looks as though Scarlett had some cosmetic dental work done–either once or twice.  It’s possible that the 6 front teeth are porcelain veneers that have stained over time and the back teeth are her own natural teeth.  It’s also possible that all her upper teeth are veneers, and that the 6 front ones were done at a different time (and therefore a different batch of porcelain) as the others, which explains the discrepancy in color.  Whatever the reason, Scarlett needs to get those yellow teeth or veneers taken care of!  She has a nice smile, but that coffee-stain color has got to go.

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