Renee Zellweger Dating Balki Bartokomous?

I saw this picture and I was sure that Renee Zellweger was dating Balki Bartokomous…yeah, you know Balki–remember from the old ABC sitcom “Perfect Strangers”? I guess he has a real name (Bronson Pinchot), but no one really knows him by his real name. Anyhoo, I almost shat my pants when I thought Renee was dating Balki. On closer look, I realized it wasn’t Balki, but rather Dan Abrams–former MSNBC reporter. DAN ABRAMS? Are you kidding me? She goes from Kenny Chesney to Balki Dan Abrams?  WTF. Is it just me or is that a HUGE downgrade? If you don’t believe me about the Dan Abrams-Balki resemblance, I challenge you to find which photo below is of Balki.  Note: just ignore douchebag Geraldo in the last photo.

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