I Would Look Just As Good As Megan Fox With That Much Plastic Surgery…Maybe Even Better

Check out these before and after pictures of Megan Fox. She’s got a serious plastic surgery fetish. If I got as many procedures as she’s had, I’d be freaking hot too…I don’t know about you, but I can count at least three procedures she’s had: a very obvious rhinoplasty, a lip lift (reducing the distance between her upper lip and nose and giving her that toothy pout) and most probably a browlift. I would also bet the farm that she gets her lips injected every several months with her choice of filler (restylane, juvederm, etc). She looked like average trailer trash before all that surgery, and now she looks like hot trailer trash. I guess there’s no surgery that can de-trailer trash you. I guess there are some things after all that money can’t buy.

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