Katie Holmes Has Grossly Long Hands

What is up with Katie Holmes and her extremities?? Not too long ago, we got a good peek at her big, veiny feet. Now, it’s her grossly long hands. Look at her middle finger–it’s as long as a hot dog. It’s probably longer than Tom’s wee wee. If she wasn’t an actress, she could probably make a decent living doing prostate exams.

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My What Huge, Nasty Veiny Feet You Have!

YUCK! Guess whose huge, nasty veiny feet these are? These feet have to be the most nasty looking pair of feet I have ever laid eyes on. Just think–this photo has been zoomed in many times (imagine how much resolution is lost doing so) and you can still distinctly see the vast network of huge, throbbing veins on her feet. Whose feet, you ask? Well, none other than Katie Holmes. Yeah, Katie Holmes apparently has a serious problem with veiny feet. I had a previous post about Liv Tyler and her veiny feet, but her veins are nothing compared to Katie’s.  

I just have to comment on her choice of footwear as well…this photo was taken of Katie while she vacations with Tom and Suri in Brazil this past weekend. Looks like they’re headed for the beach–at least that’s where I’m usually going if I’m wearing a swimsuit and cover-up (and my little kid, if I had one, is wearing flip flops). However, I usually don’t throw on a pair of 5″ come-do-me Christian Louboutin high heels when I go to the beach. I don’t get it–wouldn’t sandals have been much more appropriate?

And, is it just me, or do her legs look freakishly huge compared to her slim upper body?

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