Vanessa Paradis Has Ugly, Stubby Teeth

I flinched when I saw this photo…At first I thought it was photoshopped to make Vanessa Paradis’ teeth look like a nasty ass crackwhore’s.  Then, being the sleuth that I am, I googled her and “teeth” and found that her teeth have been the focus of conversation before.  Ugh.  Yuck is all I can say.  Look at Johnny Depp’s face in that photo–he’s staring right at her mouth and teeth with a gaze that just screams disappointment.  He’s probably thinking, “You promised me you wouldn’t smile on the red carpet.” 

Seriously, I mean, what is with all those gaps?  I mean, I can BARELY understand how some celebs (like Madonna and Lauren Hutton) leave that one gap between their front teeth…I can understand it on some level.  But, it’s one thing to have ONE gap between your central incisors, and it’s another thing to have gaps between all your stubby, little teeth.  Her teeth aren’t even white–one of them even looks brown (ie. the canine).  I’m just speechless everytime I look at that photo.  Does she have bulimia?  Does she smoke?  Does she grind her teeth at night?  All of those would contribute to your teeth looking like that. Whatever the reason for all those nubby teeth–Vanessa Paradis needs to fix them STAT.  Get her to the damn dentist.

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