Jewel’s Redneck Teeth

jewel kilcher's crooked teeth
jewel kilcher's crooked teeth
Oh, Jewel…I love your music (with the exception of that song you put out called “Intuition”).  But, I don’t understand why you haven’t had your teeth fixed.  I can understand that your smile is unconventional, and one could argue that it gives your smile some “character.”  However, you could try to straighten at least a few of those teeth–not all of them–just a few…that would make a huge difference.  I give you credit for keeping them white, though.  The thing is, I searched high and low for photos of you smiling big on the red carpet or at media events, and there really aren’t many.  I got the impression that perhaps you, yourself, are a little self-conscious about your teeth. And, you have a right to be, because that is one messed up set of chompers.  My favorite photo of your smile is one that I found on…your right canine tooth is basically sticking out of your mouth at a near 180 degree angle.  Your teeth are supposed to stay IN your mouth when you smile, Jewel–not stick out.  Might I suggest Invisalign?  It is ridiculously expensive, from what I understand, but I’m thinking you can afford it.

jewel kilcher crooked teeth

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