Jessica Alba Is Actually NOT Perfect

jessica alba with no make-up on
Jessica Alba is perfection in the eyes of many women and (particularly) men.  She always looks flawless on the red carpet–perfect skin, perfect make-up, perfect hair, perfect outfit…you get the point.  That is why I was mortified when I saw this photo of her with no make-up on.  It’s not that I thought Jessica Alba always looks the way she does on the red carpet.  There is no way any mortal wakes up in the morning looking flawless.  It’s just that I thought Jessica Alba would never let the public see what she looks like without the magic of make-up and cosmetics.  While this photo is not the greatest quality photograph, I can clearly see the bags under her eyes and a few other things (ie. uneven skin tone…gasp!) that make her look…well…normal…and not so picture perfect.  Jessica Alba is human, folks.

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