Freida Pinto Is A Bitch

Freida Pinto and her ex-husband?

The blogosphere is buzzing…Freida Pinto, the actress who shot to fame for her role in the movie “Slumdog Millionaire,” was apparently married to her college sweetheart last year (BEFORE she was famous). This is a picture of them together. Now that she is famous, Pinto is dumping his sorry ass in the hopes of snagging Brad Pitt from Angelina Jolie. The poor sap’s name is Rohan Antao. He owns a 7-11 in India. He’s been crying ever since she sent him a telegram (delivered by donkey to his village in India) that she’s filed for divorce. This girl is a real bi-atch. Seriously, she couldn’t wait a little longer to dump his ass? I mean, wait it out like a couple of years…you know, so you don’t give the impression that you’re dumping him because you’re famous now. I mean, even for Bitching Beauty standards, that’s cold. Hey Freida, you know what else is a bitch (I mean, other than you?)? Karma. Karma is a bitch. Isn’t karma an Indian word? Oh, you don’t speak Indian anymore? I should have guessed.

All I can say is what she did was really cold-hearted. I mean, he’s not so bad looking…never mind, he looks like ass…but that’s not the point. The point is this girl is a bitch. And, to tell you the truth, I don’t know why she thinks she’s the shit, anyway…I heard designers don’t like lending her clothes because they all come back smelling like curry chicken.

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