Carrie Underwood’s Uneven Toes

Carrie Underwood may have the best looking legs around…but what good are great legs if your feet (yeah, those things at the very bottom of your legs) are cring-worthy? While some of you may feel I’m being over-critical, might I direct your attention to Carrie’s foot? Take a good look at that. I don’t know about you, but in my book, the longest toe on your foot is supposed to be your big toe, not the one next to it. Yuck. In the same vein, the second longest toe on your foot is supposed to be the one next to the big toe, not the middle one. Seriously, her middle toe is longer than her big toe. That is one messed up foot or set of toes, whatever you want to call it. Maybe Tony Romo took one look at her toes and split? You never know. I always wondered why Romo chose Jessica Simpson over Carrie Underwood…now I’m starting to wonder whether it was her unsightly feet? Seriously, did any of you see the movie, “Boomerang”? If you did, you would know that toes matter.

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