Angelina Jolie’s Veiny Man Hands

Is it possible to have one of the most wanted, feminine faces on the planet, but at the same time have gross, large, manly hands? I didn’t think it would be possible for body parts to be so incongruous, but apparently it is. Angelina Jolie and her veiny man hands are living proof that you can be beautiful in the face, but scary butch in the hands.

Angelina Jolie's bulging arm veins

A closer look at Angelina Jolie's bulging arm veins.

Angelina Jolie's bulging arm veins.

Angelina Jolie's huge man hands

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Angelina Jolie: “Nadya Suleman Is A Copy Cat!”

After seeing The Today Show’s exclusive interview with Nadya Suleman, the Southern California mother (of six children) who gave birth to octuplets (bringing the grand total of her children to 14), Angelina Jolie was fuming. She reportedly broke plates in her kitchen, screaming, “That bitch is a copy cat!”  Jolie has reason to be angry. Nadya Suleman bears an artificially-created resemblance to her, and the fact that she keeps having children to increase her brood only strengthens her pathetic attempt to become Angelina Jolie.
For an unemployed woman with 14 children, she sure has a lot of money to spend on plastic surgery. When asked how she was going to finance her plastic surgery addiction with raising 14 kids, Suleman said she had already crunched the numbers, and all she needs to do is feed her kids Ramen Noodles for every meal. She said on Thanksgiving, she may be willing to splurge for the kids and serve Spam, but hasn’t come to a final decision on that yet.

Did you see those lips? Sure you did–you can’t miss them. They’re like huge Italian sausages–especially her bottom lip. She took a photo of Angelina Jolie in to her plastic surgeon’s office and said, “I want to look like this,” but instead came out of the office looking like a scary bitch. Not deterred the least, Suleman proceeded to CVS to buy some hair color to dye her hair à la Lara Croft.

And I don’t even know what to make of her nose job. Looks like the surgeon failed miserably. I’ve heard rhinoplasty is the most difficult surgery to get right…her nose looks terribly artificial…I guess it fits with the rest of her face.

Angelina, Nadya has nothing on you. But, I’d keep an eye on Brad if I were you…last I heard, Suleman was looking to buy some Brad Pitt sperm on ebay.

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