New Chompers for Rumer Willis

I came across a recent photo of Rumer Willis recently and noticed how white and, well, fake her teeth looked.  I thought she’s way too young for dentures, so I figured she got porcelain veneers.  Just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken (I mean, she could have been born with super white, fake looking teeth), I found a photo of her from several years ago.  Check it out…




audi and derek lam 170912

In case you need some more convincing, here are some close-ups of her teeth (from the same photographs above)…


Rumer Willis teeth before



Don’t tell me that she just got her teeth bleached, because the very shape of her teeth looks different.  Look at her lateral incisors…they look much wider in the after photo.  Her new teeth look a lot like Lindsay Lohan’s veneers.  They must have the same dentist or something.  In any case, I think her new smile looks very nice (…very Hollywood).  I don’t think she needed it, but I think her veneers look much better in photographs than her old teeth.  There–I said something nice.

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  • Conclusions:
    1. Her new smile is amazing.
    2. Her new teeth are not those she born with.
    3. Plastic surgery / Easthetic dentistry is the most powerful weapon in the world.

  • sharon says:

    I agree this is so much of an improvement. I also noticed recently that she looked like she’d had an uplift of the toothy kind – I shall request the same smile next time I have my crowns replaced .. in 10 yrs or so hopefully. such a painful process. If it’s veneers I believe they are just as sensitive to have done. Still really worthwhile, she looks fabulous.

  • Noelani says:

    I noticed that, too. They actually balance her face better, I think. Her mouth looked so small before, and that made her prominent jaw look even more prominent. I’ve always thought she was pretty, despite being very unique looking. I’ve heard people say she looks like her mother, which I don’t agree with. She has her mother’s coloring, and maybe her eyes a little, but her bone structure is her dad’s. Her sister, Scout, looks even more like Bruce.

  • Michael Devlin says:

    She looks fantastic!

    Michael Devlin, M.D

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