Minka Kelly’s (Disappearing) Wrinkles

Being Derek Jeter’s girlfriend apparently comes with perks…including the money to go to a plastic surgeon’s office and get ridiculously deep and ugly wrinkles removed from your forehead. Yes, I do think that Derek Jeter and his deep pockets have something to do with it, because before Minka Kelly started putting out for him, she had deep, unsightly wrinkles on her forehead. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the following photos. The first one is of her at the 2008 AFI Awards, around the time they first started dating (and what is that patch of hair growing on the lower right side of her face?? Apparently, she had that permanently removed too! Not sure what she did about the cellulite on her chin, though).

Now, here she is at the recent premiere of the movie “Country Strong” (in 2010):

Let’s take a closer look at that forehead:

Folks, forehead wrinkles like that do not disappear with lotion…they disappear by getting Derek Jeter to foot your plastic surgery bill. Good for you, Minka!

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  • hmmm says:

    u shouldnt write bad things about minka.. she is will come and kill you.. she is a scary person u dont wanna mess with… she is a diva, drama queen, bully, bitchy, moody, selfish, just a mean person….. she pretty intimidating too… Minka hates Leighton

  • John Tubbs says:

    The history knows a lot of good examples when celebrities have made use of high level plastic surgery.

  • Sadrian Cosmetic San Diego says:

    Hey, despite of her personality, she looks great. Good for her. If I were given Derek as a boyfriend i think the perks that go with him isn’t bad to take advantage of. haha

  • Michael Devlin says:

    Minka Kelly is doing a great job of takeing care of her skin with preventative maintenance, and she looks great. While Botox and fillers may not be for everyone, we all tend to see our bodies change and in my opinion, Conservative maintenance is the key!

    Michael Devlin, M.D.

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