Kate Middleton: Not So Regal without Revlon

Okay, so maybe Kate Middleton doesn’t wear Revlon and opts for Chanel or Dior, but you get my point.  When this “lovely” queen-to-be has no make-up on, she looks a lot like a worn-out 40-something soccer mom.  When royals or celebrities are caught off-guard (a.k.a. without hours of primping for a special event), we are able to realize that they too look like they just baked two hundred cupcakes for the school fundraiser.  My feeling is that soon she’ll be doing the injectable fillers and Botox thing (now that money is no object).  If so, some Restylane in her upper lip wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Girl needs some lips.

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  • San Diego Plastic Surgeon says:

    She doesn’t look great in the picture above. But I guess, like other famous people, her beauty relies on the magical work of make-ups. :)

  • Italian Do It Better says:

    Sorry, but in this -as in ALL pitcures!!!- she has make up on. Just a little gloss, eyeshadow, foundation and eyeliner, (or probably is a light permanet make up tatoo), but please: DON’T TELL ME THAT THIS GIRL HAS NO MAKE UP ON!!!!! I think that the only “natural” thing that she has is her square-jawed. I don’t like her, okay, but I think to be impartial when I tell that she is surely pretty as totally innatural, (look her smile!, i.e.).

    PS. Sorry about my (natural) terrible english: I hate google translate!

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