Ivanka: “Daddy Bought Me a New Nose for my Birthday”

Who says money can’t buy you everything?? Well, it can definitely buy you beauty. You just have to be smart about it. Case in point: Ivanka Trump. She’s daddy’s (the Donald’s)¬†little girl and has all the money in the world. If plastic surgery is what she wants, plastic surgery she will get. Even though she has the means to have as many procedures as she wishes, she (thankfully) has not gone all-out like Heidi Montag in a white-trash “create-a-ho-bag” plastic surgery binge. One plastic surgery procedure she has obviously had done is the (obligatory) nose job. It seems everyone has had a nose job these days. Here’s a before shot of little Ivanka, looking cute and young with a bump on her high bridge:

And here is Ivanka Trump all grown up with a conspicuously lower and bumpless bridge:

Don’t even get me started on the other stuff (boobjob, porcelain veneers, etc)…but at least it’s all done with a little taste and class.

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  • Yes says:

    I dunno, in the post procedural shot she looks like a noseless freak

  • Angeline John says:

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