Is Heidi Montag Related to Jay Leno?

I hate to waste valuable blog space on Heidi Montag, but something about her face really bothers me. Okay, maybe a lot of things about her face bother me… But, seriously, let’s just take a completely objective point of view here: assuming that Heidi Montag wasn’t a huge celebrity douche–looking at her face, I have to say there’s something about it that’s just off. With all the plastic surgery she’s gotten, you’d think it would be perfect, right? Well, apparently, she forgot to have her huge, massive chin shaved down when her doctor put those two melons in place of her breasts. Seriously, her chin is freaking huge.  Objectively, the rest of her face isn’t horrible…seriously, objectively, Heidi Montag minus douche-bag personality minus huge-ass chin equals not bad-looking girl.  She should get that chin fixed or something–I’m starting to think of Jay Leno every time I see a picture of her.  On second thought, maybe she shouldn’t get a chin reduction…I mean, having a big, strong chin can come in handy–like for cracking nuts (a human nutcracker!).  I bet she cracks Spencer’s nuts every night.

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  • SassyGinger says:

    You can see the outline of her silicone perfectly in the last pic. How cheap. I wish I could just fire these 2 off to the sun.

  • mindy says:

    You are an asshole. Everyone has their own flaws, but that is what makes us beautiful in our own way. I’m not a huge Heidi Montag fan but she was a beautiful girl before she destroyed her face because of insecurities caused by negative assholes like you. You should be ashamed of yourself. Why don’t you post a photograph of yourself and see how you feel when people comment on your every flaw.

  • Destroyed her face?? If you are referring to her recent plastic surgery binge–10 procedures in one day–then you are mistaken. She looks 1000% better…she looks almost like Faith Hill now. She should have gotten 10 more procedures.

  • jane says:

    The only thing I could really see that was wrong with her face was that it has a hideous 180-pound growth attached to the side of it in the last picture.

    It’s a shame this pretty girl felt she had to turn herself into a fembot. Do you think her boobs shoot machine-gun style now?

    Maybe now she’ll feel so good about herself that she’ll dump that turd she’s married to.

  • Amanda says:

    Its not the size of her chin, its the fact she has a squared face- the jaw line/chin appears larger(especially in photos) but she was a very gorgeous looking girl and i bet the girl/guy who posted this is nowhere near on the scale of good looks as she WAS. im saying was because now unfortunatly she looks silly. She LOOKS fake, If you look fake to me, you are unattractive. But some people think its nice so i respect that. But for you to say she looks 100000% times better is just a joke. Plastic is NOT fantastic. Its generic and boring.

  • morgan says:

    Hey, ever wonder what brought Heidi Montag to her surgery? You, you fucking dick head. I’m pretty sure whoever wrote this shit is ugly as FUCK, and just has nothing better to do than point out people’s flaws.

    Okay, you’re lucky she didnt kill herself after this mother fucking shit. I swear to God it’s people like you that people really shouldn’t give a damn what people think about them, and Heidi Montag is a good example of the sensitive type who is an easy target. Go look in the mirror bitch, you ain’t perfect either. Damn.

  • CARLEY says:


    To “mindy”,

    HIEDI’S CHIN IS RETARDED!!! its always been retarded, it looked better before surgary though.


  • LemonLimee says:

    You’re a real piece of work.. Well she’s had the chin reduction now so what do you think?! Is she everything you wanted her to be!? Personally, she was absolutely beautiful before. Genuine face, girl next door look, she could even pull off the platinum hair. & now she’s destroyed that girl forever in order to look like a classic Hollywood bimbo.. What a shame! It’s people like YOU that make her feel this way! & her dumb a hubby Spencer!

  • 1 says:

    She looks worse now, this BLOG certainly is not responsible for her own mental insecurities, so stop blamig the author. Granted its shitty to pick on peoples flaws, I liked her as she was,,, she looks like a 40 year old cat now, its horrid.

  • kirsty says:

    i think she’s pretty, looks a bit odd now with all the surgery and whatnot, but especially the top 2 photos she looks stunning. its just because she wasnt exactly the same as everyone else in hollywood she felt compelled to change herself, which i think is a shame she was beautiful before and after she’d had a bit of surgery, now shes gone too far.

  • noone says:

    You’re right! Ladies and gentlemen–never–never–point out your flaws. Most people will never spot them unless you point them out; unless your viewed by this blog owner–very astute.

  • noone says:

    But i’d fuck the spencer out of her anyway!

  • Kandi says:

    oh my god! leave her alone! i totally agree with Heidi, everybody wanna feel attractive so who are you to judge her?! grow up! imma huge heidi-fan and i think she looks just as good now as she did before!

  • jessie says:

    dude. what the fuck. are you on drugs?
    her chin is fucking normal.
    i bet you are mega fucking ugly and the only way you can feel better about yourself is by taking good looking people and trying (and then failing) to find a flaw.well sorry loser you failed on that one.
    why dont you try and get your own life and stop ruining other people’s lives. oh wait. thats right your probably so frickin ugly that you cant go out in public.
    your pathetic.
    k thanks.

  • Ally says:

    She used to be truly beautiful but now she looks like…. it makes her happy but she just isn’t beautiful, she’s plastic and done up but plastic surgery will never make her truly beautiful.

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  • mary says:

    you people are so sick!!crticizing other people’s flaw is sick!! you just wanna feel better about yourself by calling other people ugly. i feel sorry for your parents. it’s even worse if you have children..you are definitely not someone anyone should look up to. take a look at yourself and see how ugly on the inside you are.

  • Mandi says:

    Poor thing went & had her chin cut off/filed down becuase of comments like this.

  • Britt says:

    Heidi Montag, or whatever her name is, is an ugly person inside and out. On the inside, she’s a dim-witted, insecure, superficial, brainless girl with no personality and a monotone voice. I am not surprised that she has fans, for this is the personality that America is headed towards. It seems as if people are becoming more and more shallow as the years go on. I don’t even know why I’m on this board talking about it, because honestly what is this doing for me? And is it helping anyone? No. Anyways, because she is the person that she is on the inside, it is fair to say that she is an equally unattractive girl on the outside. Even after all that surgery, all she looks like is a semi-modified version of herself. I guess you can’t fix giant chins. She should have taken all that money and put it into therapy, because that was really what she needed.

  • gemma taylor says:

    i got bullied cos of my chin in the end i use to wear a scaf around my face, now because im older i think to myself there are a lot of people out there much worse of than me. be lucky with what u got there are young children out there dieing of cancer, and people in wheelchairs. just be thankful.people who make comments on other people are just bullies and are not happy about they self, take a look in the moirror nobody is perfect if everybody was the same the world would be a dull place.

  • Hilncore says:

    lol! I have been out of the entertainment news but when I saw Heidi, I almost got an heart-attack. She looks 10 years older than what she is now. It’s a real shame. People are indeed entitled to do whatever they want with their bodies however I think they should put an age limit to certain surgeries.

    I am sure that when she’s 30, she’ll have done over 100 procedures and she’ll follow the path of Joan Rivers or even worse Michael Jackson. She’s an addict to cosmetic surgery.

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