Molly Sims Is Liking The Plastic Surgery


After:Last I checked, Molly Sims is under the age of 40, so why the fuck does she look like she’s 55 now?? Molly Sims has always had a natural, classic beauty. And, if you asked me, she was aging quite nicely. Apparently, not nicely enough for her…I guess she felt the need to go under the knife. Maybe she thought a little nip and tuck would do her some good…I’m not exactly sure what type of plastic surgery procedure she had, but it don’t look so good. She looks like Farah Fawcett now (when she had cancer–not when she was one of Charlie’s Angels). Sims got plastic surgery to look better and now she looks like an old hag instead. Good job, Molly!

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Nicole Kidman: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Nicole Kidman has said in interviews that she has never had plastic surgery…I have two words for her: “My ASS!” No offense to Ms. Kidman, but do you think people are blind? The thing about being a celebrity is that your whole famous life is captured on film or in photos so you can’t really lie about that kind of stuff. I recently saw an old movie of hers on TV and I barely recognized her. It was time, I thought, that her photos show up on bitching beauty, because I have to bitch about people who deny getting cosmetic surgery. These are two photos of Nicole Kidman when she was in that movie I saw (i.e. “Dead Calm”).

Note her lips: thin. Note her eyebrows: low and manly…much like Sam Neil’s eyebrows, actually. Note her jowls in the head-on shot. Now take a look at the following recent photos of her:
nicole kidman after plastic surgery browlift lip augmentation

Compare photos of her at her current age to her younger photos and you will see that I ain’t hallucinating. She’s got some serious work done. Note her lips: much fuller. Nicole Kidman is GUILTY of lip augmentation. It looks like a combination of fillers (like Restylane) and sausage lip implants. Yuck. Note her brows: lifted. It looks like she may have gotten a browlift…it’s been widely speculated that she has Botox injections. I say, there is no way in hell her eyebrows moved up so far on her head just from Botox. I’m not saying that she doesn’t get Botox. Hell, I’d bet half the farm that she gets Botox every week. I’m just saying that it looks like those eyebrows got some surgical help to move up her head. Note her jowls in the head-on shot: gone. Did she have those lipo-ed or what? The shape of her lower face is completely different now.

So, I really hope Nicole Kidman won’t continue lying about never having had any plastic surgery. Seriously, it’s insulting. That’s like Eva Longoria saying that she never wears makeup when she goes out onto the red carpet.

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