Rumer Willis Shows Off Her Spider Veins–er, I Mean Her Legs

How on earth this girl has the confidence to even let photographers take pictures of her is beyond my understanding. If I looked like her, I would crawl under a rock and stay there. And then she has the courage to wear outfits like this one…the outfit isn’t awful. Put Jennifer Aniston in this outfit and she’d be smokin’ hot. Rumer Willis in this outfit, however, is the complete polar opposite of smokin’ hot. And, it’s not just her face this time. It’s her damn legs. They’re covered in spider veins. Look at her upper thighs. I can see the veins even in this low-resolution photo. Nasty. And, why exactly does she have spider veins? I thought only old women who give birth 5 times get spider veins. This girl desperately needs work done…and a lot of it.

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Evangeline Lilly Has Sausage Legs

Ewwww…Evangeline Lilly’s legs look like the sausage links I had for breakfast yesterday.  If I were her, I would not wear a bikini and instead opt for sweatpants…or at least anything that would cover my stubby legs.  Look at how short her legs are too!  Her legs are as long as her torso.  Now, I wouldn’t expect Evangeline Lilly to have mile-long legs like Charlize Theron, but I don’t expect them to look like a breakfast food either. Not sexy–or beautiful–in the least.

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