Bobblehead Lohan

Is Lindsay Lohan anorexic or just a bobblehead?

Lindsay Lohan looks like a Bobblehead dollLindsay Lohan looks like a Bobblehead dollLindsay Lohan needs to eat something quickly, because she’s turning into a fuckingĀ Bobblehead doll. I mean, look at her: all that’s left is her huge head. Lohan is all bones and head. She used to be so pretty back in the day. I think this should be a lesson to all the kids out there: Kids, this is what drugs and turning lesbian with a skanky crackhead will do to you.

Just say no to drugs, and just say no to skanky crackhead girlfriends.

And what is up with those hideously unflattering pants she’s wearing in the second photo?

And, just say no to pants that show camel toe.

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