Drew Barrymore’s Massive Chin

Can anyone please tell me when Drew Barrymore’s chin decided to have a growth spurt? I remember her being so damn cute and lovely, and now all I can see when I look at her face is a big, long chin. I heard that her chin always has to be airbrushed now when she goes on photo shoots. Poor girl, if that chin gets any bigger, I’m afraid it’ll touch the ground.

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Is Heidi Montag Related to Jay Leno?

I hate to waste valuable blog space on Heidi Montag, but something about her face really bothers me. Okay, maybe a lot of things about her face bother me… But, seriously, let’s just take a completely objective point of view here: assuming that Heidi Montag wasn’t a huge celebrity douche–looking at her face, I have to say there’s something about it that’s just off. With all the plastic surgery she’s gotten, you’d think it would be perfect, right? Well, apparently, she forgot to have her huge, massive chin shaved down when her doctor put those two melons in place of her breasts. Seriously, her chin is freaking huge.  Objectively, the rest of her face isn’t horrible…seriously, objectively, Heidi Montag minus douche-bag personality minus huge-ass chin equals not bad-looking girl.  She should get that chin fixed or something–I’m starting to think of Jay Leno every time I see a picture of her.  On second thought, maybe she shouldn’t get a chin reduction…I mean, having a big, strong chin can come in handy–like for cracking nuts (a human nutcracker!).  I bet she cracks Spencer’s nuts every night.

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