Carrie Underwood’s Uneven Toes

Carrie Underwood may have the best looking legs around…but what good are great legs if your feet (yeah, those things at the very bottom of your legs) are cring-worthy? While some of you may feel I’m being over-critical, might I direct your attention to Carrie’s foot? Take a good look at that. I don’t know about you, but in my book, the longest toe on your foot is supposed to be your big toe, not the one next to it. Yuck. In the same vein, the second longest toe on your foot is supposed to be the one next to the big toe, not the middle one. Seriously, her middle toe is longer than her big toe. That is one messed up foot or set of toes, whatever you want to call it. Maybe Tony Romo took one look at her toes and split? You never know. I always wondered why Romo chose Jessica Simpson over Carrie Underwood…now I’m starting to wonder whether it was her unsightly feet? Seriously, did any of you see the movie, “Boomerang”? If you did, you would know that toes matter.

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  • matthew says:

    i think you are wrong. carrie has the sexiest feet i have ever seen. i would love to have her sexy toes in my mouth. i bet they taste great, and i’m sure her feet smell awesome.

  • Brittney says:

    Carrie Underwood is one ugly girl. She came off of american idol I HAVE NO RESPECT for anyone off that show. Try getting a real artist to look at and talk about toes. Someone who had to work hard and get to where they are at LIKE taylor swift. she actually writes her owns songs and doesnt do the “popular” thing to do like carrie. She is from sigma sigma sigma or whatever its called she is a typical stuck up snob who has torun her mouth about people like jessica simpsons. WELL sorry carrie… i dont like jessica but she is wayyyyyy better then you.. hope taylor and jessica just crush you and push you out of the scene i have ugly feet too but at least thats all thats ugly on me. YOUR NOTHING SPECIAL…. you look like every other stuck up beeotch!!!

  • Slave says:

    You should get down on your knees and beg for her forgiveness. She is a goddess and we all deserve to be beneath her feet. She is yous superior bow to her

  • She is “mys” superior? LOL. How about taking some grammar lessons?

  • Vladimir says:

    You can’t judge a foot by a strappy shoe!!!! or sandal!!! or opened toe.. She might have been caught at a time when she was flexing or stretching her toes and feet in the shoes. I know a photographer who works alot of celebrity shows / gatherings. He is picky about womens feet and says they are great – Salma Hayek has great feet yet he has shot them and they just did not look so hot.

  • Steven says:

    She looks very good! I don’t care if her feet are ugly! That’s not what i look for in a woman!

    If the most ugly woman had the most beautiful feet it would not change a thing, she would still be ugly!!!!!!!

  • Mark says:

    That is called “Greek toes”. In ancient Greece there was a common relation between beauty and that type of feet. Check the ancient Greek and Roman statues and you will understand.

  • Maree says:

    You are an ignorant, shallow, unintelligent individual.
    If you did some simple research you would learn that over 1/3 of people have this type of foot. It is called Morton’s Toe. It is not a deformity. What you personally consider unattractive or “freekish” is not the case for everyone. You should get a life and stop worrying about inane, insignificant things you fool.

  • Tom says:

    Best set of feet I have ever set my eyes on. Yummy! Hopefully really ticklish too!!!

  • rob says:

    i would sniff,smell,kiss,lick,suck and slobber all over her gorgeous toes! i want to inhale her beautiful foot odor and suck each of her toes for hours and hours! i would worship her feet for an eternity, i would suck her feet forever!

  • joe says:

    Yeah not the best of her feetures – but forget her feet shes not bad looking

  • common sense says:

    If you think that her toes are “ugly” you should really look inside yourself and find out why you are so shallow, that’s the only part that’s ugly.

  • Yanna says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! She does have ugly toes!

  • sirrah9 says:

    Un-even? This goofball has no appreciation for pretty feet, there are taperd toes and second and sometimes third toes longer than the big toe, duh! Carrie has nice ones, shithead!

  • who cares??? says:

    Her feet might be ugly but they siting in shoes you cooldnt afford to wear and unless your sucking her toes who really cares???

  • CelebrityFeet4.Us says:

    Ugly feet? OMG, that’s almost laughable. Maybe the bitching beauty would like to post her feet to show us what a pretty foot looks like? And FYI, a longer second toe is very common.

  • Miranda says:

    ok Brittney ..your a very insecure ignorant girl. your just jealous you can’t sing or probably don’t have anything close to the talent she has in her little toe. so go craw back into the hole you came out of and grow up.

  • dee says:

    Its a sad day when people have nothing better to do then degrade someones feet no matter who that person is. I have the name of a great doctor who can help u out with your problem and believe me u need help. How sad is it that u have to stoop so low as to attack Carries feet in order to have something horrible to say about her. The woman is 100% sexy. Get a life will ya.

  • dee says:

    Brittney, how old are u 5? The woman is at the top of her game no matter where she started. Taylor swift cant hold a candle to this woman. She cant sing either. I think all that throwing her head around has caused some serious brain damage. Carrie will always kick her butt with little effort. Grow up man. U dont have to start in a bar to make it. When u grow up, then post a comment ok?

  • dez says:

    Brittany, “try getting a real artist to look at and talk about toes”? Is there something seriously wrong with you? That is messed up girl. It doesnt matter how carrie came on the scene, what matters is shes kicking everyones butt and will continue to do so. Do you know Carrie personally? Shes only a snob to u because she made something of herself. Grow up and shut up. Her toes are as beautiful as she is.

  • dez says:

    All I know is those toes can put on a hell of a performance night after night. Carrie is our Queen of Country and that woman can put on a show. Rock On Carrie. Your toes and u are simple stunning.

  • Di says:

    Carrie suffers from Mortons Toe. Also known as Greeks Toe. Its when the second toe is longer than the big toe. Not overly uncommon. Problem is, it can cause pain and also cause you leg to bend inward. There are so methods to relieve pain and help keep you leg straight. I hope she doesnt have pain and can relieve it if she does. Carrie all around is one beautiful woman.

  • MORGAN says:


  • abigail says:

    BRITTNY all im going to say to u is that see looks at these so watch yr back. and her toes are fine the only THING WE CARE ABOUT IS THAT SHE CAN SING. AND SHE ROCKS. I LOVE U CARRIE UNDERWOOD

  • Linda says:

    you are haters. She’s gorgeous and i have the same toe, it’s called Morton’s toe. it’s hereditary, and her feet are fine.

  • Shari Weston says:

    This is so hilarious! That’s all you can find “wrong” with her? Like saying she has 2 bad skin cells out of trillions on her body it’s so insignificant! A lot of people have a 2nd toe longer than the big toe. As a matter of fact, when I was younger, there was a mythical belief that people with this toe configuration are born leaders. Seriously! They called it a “boss” toe, and NOT in the sense that you were bossy or bitchy, but that you were more inclined to be successful, a leader, a company president, the top of your field. In Carrie’s case, it sure does look like that old toe myth might have some truth behind it! She is most definitely at the top of her field in the music industry, highly respected, and extremely talented. I don’t even listen to country but I’m a big Carrie fan. I saw her perform to a sold-out crowd at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and it was one of the most incredible and awesome performances I’ve ever been fortunate enough to see live. Simon Cowell was right! She sounds fantastic on anything she sings. She can rock hard or bring tears to your eyes on a soulful ballad. I love her to death and would love her if she had mangled toes or no toes at all!

  • Hannah says:

    wow dude, get over yourself, and get a life. Who cares?

  • Morton's Toe says:

    Search pretty feet on google. Most have morton’s toe.

    Unless your toes look like the “cingular raising the bar” signal logo, you probably have morton’s toe too.

    Even the statue of liberty has it.

  • If I met Carrie Underwood I’ll give her a foot massage.

  • Lol says:

    Her feet is gorgeous. This Morton guy who thought it was some genetic mishap is clearly mistaken much like you are. They’re beautiful. Your ugly looking feet are just ugly and I’m talking about toes that keep getting shorter and shorter from the big toe. They looks like paddles! Morton’s toes sort of gives a beautiful shape to the feet.

  • Foot Fan says:

    I’d put those toes in my mouth in an instant. Yum!!

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